Travel Insurance vs. Expatriate Insurance

There are two main types of insurance for trips overseas; travel insurance and expatriate insurance. Travel Insurance is for short trips, usually less than 6 months, but possibly up to one year.  Expatriate Insurance is for expats who are living temporarily or full time overseas, or who spend at least 180 days a year living […]

20 Things To Do Before Moving Abroad

20 Practical Things to do Before Moving Abroad Many people have talked about moving abroad, to have an adventure, live, retire or raise their families. Travel is a great way to grow our minds and learn about both other cultures and ourselves. It is a well known fact that travel broadens the mind and the […]

Can Mexican Hospitals Hold You Hostage for Not Paying Your Bill?

I was surfing the internet today to see if my last blog was a fluke, or if this was something that was happening all over Mexico.  It turns out it’s more common than you think.  Read on about this poor couple traveling in Mexico without international health or evacuation insurance.  Ask Dixie Stinson from Lafayette, […]

Hospital Took Hostages: $30,000 Bill

Sailing down Baja California, Mexico, this wonderful trip suddenly turned disastrous. This trip almost cut their lives short when the boat they were sailing caught fire. They have an amazing tale of the lessons learned, the causes of the fire and how they both survived. On one level this is a happy tale of a great adventure […]

How to Calculate International Health Insurance Quotes

Moving abroad and making the retirement dollar go further; moving the family to a new country to raise kids closer to nature or starting an entrepreneurial venture in a foreign country are all reasons that people move to Latin America and Belize.  Once consideration when moving abroad is getting adequate health insurance, evacuation insurance and […]

What You Need to Know About Health Insurance While Traveling for Business

While traveling for business, there are times in which your health insurance is not going to cover you in some locations. In fact, most US health insurance providers do not offer access to your health insurance when traveling to foreign cities. This means that if you are traveling out of the US, then you need […]

What You Need to Know About Backpacker’s Insurance

  Planning on Trekking around the globe, or taking an adventure filled vacation to a remote island? Adventure travel has some unique challenges: What exactly is “five flavor” soup? How do we find a yak or llama that will carry all of our gear? Knowing what do do in a medical emergency in an unknown […]

Family Medical Travel Insurance

In our modern world we owe it to our kids and to ourselves to share in the cultures of the world. There is no greater gift than the gift of travel. When going abroad the focus should be on the culture you are immersed in, the joy of new sights and smells and the excitement […]

Your Glossary Guide to Understanding Health Insurance Policies

A Health Insurance Glossary This glossary provides general descriptions of commonly used terms in health, life, disability and special risk insurance. It should be noted that there are differences between plans and that they all do not function in the same way. Please refer to individual insurance policy brochures and/or policy/certificates of insurance for complete […]