About Us

Who needs health insurance and life insurance? Everyone!

Company History

Established in 2006.

We have been helping people find international health and travel insurance for every possible situation since 2006.  While spending a year in Texas, I recognized that people living on this side of the border, whether from Mexico or from Germany, needed international health insurance. Our company began providing this unique coverage and soon realized there was even greater need for US citizens moving abroad or traveling to foreign countries for business and pleasure. Returning to San Diego, International Health Insurance Solutions expanded its offerings to include travel insurance, trip cancellation insurance, travel medical and even evacuation and air ambulance offerings. Our company has especially enjoyed working with the international cruising and sailing community as they set off in search of adventure at sea. Our specialty is international health insurance for those traveling abroad or coming to this country for short stays or longer adventures.

Insurance Specialties

Choosing Insurance can be difficult. Nobody likes buying a product you hope to never use. Knowing which product is right for you is even more confusing. Let our team  take the guesswork out of getting your insurance. Our focus is international insurance for expats and travelers who need coverage for vacations, business or other adventures. We use a variety of companies to find an insurance plan that will fit your specific needs. We represent Seven Corners, GeoBlue, Cigna Global, WorldTrips, Azimuth Risk Solutions, Insured Nomads, IMG, Trawick, and many others. If you are living anywhere in the US temporarily, have family visiting from another country, or are going abroad to study, for a job or a vacation, we can help. We can find the perfect plan to insure your vacation, cruise or bucket list adventure. Even if you just lost your job and you can’t afford COBRA, we have a health insurance plan for you.

Whether you’re looking for general health insurance, temporary health insurance, international health insurance, trip insurance or life insurance…


Meet the Owner

Arno grew up in La Jolla, CA. Graduated form LJ High in 1988 and went to school in Santa Cruz. He graduated from UCSC in 1992 with a BA in Biochemistry but never felt compelled to enter the world of research. Arno has have 2 great boys who are on the precipice of embarking on their own adventures in life.  Arno always enjoyed working with people more than sub-cellular proteins, membranes and DNA. A long career in teaching has helped him to learn how to educate people about biology or about insurance. Insurance isn’t about sales, it is about education, it’s about understanding what product fits your needs and budget and understanding how to use it. Everyone needs insurance and nobody likes to pay for it, but when you understand what exactly it is you’re getting it makes it a bit less painful to purchase. Many of the international products can be very confusing. Arno can help you navigate the confusing terms and jargon, giving you an education about the products that are out there to get you the insurance you need. Most importantly customer service is his specialty. Easy to get a hold of and always eager to help you solve a problem. 

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