Who needs health insurance and life insurance? Everyone!

Meet the Owner

Arno grew up in La Jolla, CA. Graduated form LJ High in 1988 and went to school in Santa Cruz. He graduated from UCSC in 1992 with a BA in Biochemistry but never felt compelled to enter the world of research. Arno has have 2 great boys who are on the precipice of embarking on their own adventures in life.  Arno always enjoyed working with people more than sub-cellular proteins, membranes and DNA. A long career in teaching has helped him to learn how to educate people about biology or about insurance. Insurance isn’t about sales, it is about education, it’s about understanding what product fits your needs and budget and understanding how to use it.

“Everyone needs insurance and nobody likes to pay for it, but when you understand what exactly it is you’re getting it makes it a bit less painful to purchase. Many of the international products can be very confusing.”

Arno can help you navigate the confusing terms and jargon, giving you an education about the products that are out there to get you the insurance you need. Most importantly customer service is his specialty. Easy to get a hold of and always eager to help you solve a problem. 

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