What You Need to Know About Backpacker’s Insurance


Planning on Trekking around the globe, or taking an adventure filled vacation to a remote island? Adventure travel has some unique challenges: What exactly is “five flavor” soup? How do we find a yak or llama that will carry all of our gear? Knowing what do do in a medical emergency in an unknown country needs to be something you are prepared for. Travel medical insurance, in general, gives you peace of mind in case of an emergency or unexpected situation while you are traveling. It is something that everyone should consider. However, there are some types of travel which really lend themselves toward more problems. Examples include:

  • Scuba trips
  • Backpacking trips
  • Hiking trips
  • Adventure travel
  • Horseback riding trips

If you are planning on going on your dream backpacking trip, in particular, you should really consider the specific insurance policies that are out there. You probably aren’t accounting for lost or stolen gear or a missed bus to the nearest mountain. However, often the things that we don’t plan on happening, in fact, happen. This type of calamity might leave you in a real bind. For small fees, and through a quick and easy process, you can have backpacker’s insurance to keep you covered when life throws something unexpected your way.

About Backpacker’s Travel Insurance
Backpacker’s insurance is especially important and popular because the group of travelers who tend to use it, are younger and may be traveling with very little money. This makes it especially attractive. A person just out of college who loses their backpack or has their new camera gear stolen will be in quite a lurch if they don’t have insurance. Even more dire if they find themselves in a dimly lit hospital in a town they can’t pronounce.

Plans are very cheap policies and cover a wide variety of things that are specifically important to backpackers. For example, they often cover adventurous activities such as skydiving, scuba diving or bungee jumping. They also often cover longer periods of time since most backpackers travel for more than just a few weeks.They also can cover the loss of gear and of course medical emergencies and evacuations. Read the whole policy, what’s covered and what’s not. Many times there are tidbits than can really save you in a bad situation: political evacuation, terrorism evacuation, flying in a parent or loved one to be at your side.

Tips when Choosing Backpacker’s Insurance
Always read the fine print
Choose options that make sense for you
Get your insurance earlier rather than later, if possible.

Advantages of backpacker’s travel insurance
There are so many advantages to this type of policy which will lead to peace of mind and a sense of joy while traveling. Backpacking is an adventurous undertaking and, if you are not careful, can be dangerous. If you are traveling abroad and need medical care, lose your belongings, miss a flight or even to travel home quickly for an emergency situation, this type of insurance gives you the peace of mind that you are covered. In the case that things become overwhelming, or you have a real emergency, you are simply left to enjoy your adventure!

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