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action-sports-travel-insuranceWhat is the best Extreme Sports Travel Insurance Plan?

So many extreme sports are excluded from traditional international travel medical insurance policies, you need an extreme sports insurance plan if you participate in extreme sports. Be it participation in a professional or amateur sports league, mountaineering, paragliding, scuba, you name it! You’re excluded from getting coverage.  These plans offered by a few select providers will cover you no matter your sport or hobby. Please do check the list of exclusions, but you will see they are minimal, depending on the plan selected.

Nomad Travel Insurance -covers your trip and your gear.

Nomad travel medical insurance will keep you covered as you adventure around the globe in pursuit of whatever extreme sport your heart desires.  Two levels of plans available, adventurous and extreme, you pick the sports you want covered.  These plans are specifically designed with the adventurer in mind and are the ONLY plans to cover your gear. You can protect your go-pro, surfboard, climbing gear, all the expensive “stuff” you require for your adventure. Make sure you check to see which plan you need, the basic or the fancier one, it will depend on the sport you are engaging in as well as the cost of the gear involved.

Dog Tag Insurance Plans

DogTag Extreme sports coverage

These plans cover the most extreme sports and give the best coverage. Available for trips up to 180 days. Must be purchased before you leave.

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These plans don’t cover some extreme sports and do not cover professional or amateur sports, but do not specifically exclude most activities.

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