Travel Insurance vs. Expatriate Insurance

There are two main types of insurance for trips overseas; travel insurance and expatriate insurance. Travel Insurance is for short trips, usually less than 6 months, but possibly up to one year.  Expatriate Insurance is for expats who are living temporarily or full time overseas, or who spend at least 180 days a year living […]

Expatriate and Exchange Student Travel Requires Special Insurance

Travel health insurance for those who stay outside the USA for a lengthy period of time can be a complicated matter. But it doesn’t have to be. Expatriates and foreign exchange students face a different set of criteria in their search for a plan than do a honeymooning couple hitting Tahiti for 10 days. If […]

20 Things To Do Before Moving Abroad

20 Practical Things to do Before Moving Abroad Many people have talked about moving abroad, to have an adventure, live, retire or raise their families. Travel is a great way to grow our minds and learn about both other cultures and ourselves. It is a well known fact that travel broadens the mind and the […]