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Your Guide for Traveling During Pregnancy

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Being pregnant, is an exciting point in any woman’s life in which she will experience many changes physically and mentally. However, with all these changes, many women wonder if it is ok traveling while pregnant. This guide will provide tips and advice for soon to be mothers, whether traveling by land, air or sea.

Can You Travel Throughout Your Pregnancy?

For the most part yes, as long as there are no pregnancy complications, most women are safe to travel during their pregnancy. However, there are some aspects that should be taken into consideration. Let’s look at the considerations for different methods of travel, as well as insurance options to cover in case of any unexpected occurrences.

Traveling on Land

This is probably the most common way that women, and people in general, are going to be traveling. There are several considerations that a pregnant woman is going to want to take while traveling on land though; whether by bus, train or automobile.

These are:

  • Remember to buckle up each and every time
  • Ensure the air bags are working properly on any vehicle
  • Minimize the time you sit while traveling to 5 to 6 hours at a time
  • Be sure to walk around between travel stretches to ensure circulation
  • Be careful when walking in aisles of buses, as these are small and can become hard to navigate
  • Bathrooms on buses and trains can be hard to get to, so try to avoid going while in motion

Traveling by Air

Air travel may be necessary for many pregnant women, and this is considered safe. However, once you reach your ninth month of pregnancy, a doctor will often be required to sign off to approve a flight. The airlines simply want this reassurance before allowing a very pregnant woman to be on a plane. With this being said, air travel can be easier for pregnant women by keeping in mind:

  • An aisle seat is best, especially if you are at the point in which frequent bathroom trips are needed.
  • Always walk carefully to the bathroom while in the air to avoid being thrown around by turbulence
  • Try to travel on planes that are bigger, as the walkways and seating areas are often larger

Traveling by Sea

Sea travel is often considered very safe for pregnant women. However, be aware that it can make their morning sickness worse. In addition, consider these aspects:

  • If you need medications for being seasick, make sure that they are safe to use while pregnant
  • See if there are medical professionals on board, in the event that you need assistance. This is especially true if traveling on a boat for a long length of time

Pregnancy and Travel Insurance

Traveling is often necessary and can be enjoyable, but does bring inherent risks along with it. This is even truer for those who are pregnant. Travel insurance can help ease those risks by covering lost or stolen luggage, providing public liability medical care and helping with cancellations.

“Consider buying trip insurance,”says Elizabeth Nye, MD, an obstetrician at Rush Presbyterian St. Luke’s Medical Center in Chicago.” “You never know what will happen during any pregnancy, and this way you are covered if you have to cancel your trip for any reason,” Nye says. [1]

While pregnant women may have a due date for the arrival of their little bundle of joy, a baby will come when it is ready to come. At least with travel insurance, a woman can ensure that is she is not paying huge travel fees on top of the medical care she is receiving.

Travel insurance may not be at the top of people’s list when traveling, but for pregnant women, this insurance is a great way to have peace of mind that she and her unborn child are protected. With this travel insurance protection and the tips mentioned above, pregnancy does not have to put your travel plans on hold.

1. Web MD, “Dos and Don’ts of Traveling While Pregnant” 

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