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Thanks a lot Arno for everything.

Received our passports duly stamped with visa about an hour ago. Appreciate your personal approach to everything. Shall remember you for future.

Ramesh Malhotra

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First to Review 

I have used their service to purchase medical insurance, because I am travelling to Italy and Italian consulate requires to have medical insurance. I found Health Insurance Services International(Seven Corners) and their agent Arno. They provided me with the perfect service! The prices are pretty low (according to my search) and I have received the confirmation of my insurance on email in just a few seconds after I purchased it thru their web-site (which is great and easy to use). Their agent Arno was very helpful and followed up with my purchase! I even asked them to send me some confirmation letter stating that this plan will cover my medical expenses in Italy (that what Italian consulate requires on their web-site) and I’ve received it on the next day. However I didn’t need it, because Italian Consulate said that they know this company so they didn’t need the letter from them!:)
Best company to use if you need medical insurance!

Victor N.

San Diego, CA

I used Arno to purchase Life Insurance.  It was very easy.  The medical tests were done in my own home and Arno was easily accessible to answer any questions that I had.  Thanks, Arno!

Stephanie G. 

Granite Bay, CA 

I had trouble finding health insurance since I live mostly in China and my wife is Chinese.  Arno Chrispeels, of Health Insurance Services International has finally found the perfect insurance for myself and my wife.  Without his help, I don’t think we could have found an insurance  policy.  Arno helped us  at every turn and answered all of our questions in a quick and efficient manner.  I definitely recommend contacting Arno Chrispeels for any insurance matters.

Cathleen K.

San Diego, CA 

I found our family’s health insurance through Health Insurance Services International. We had just moved back to California and Arno explained that the insurance industry is regulated here. I searched around and confirmed this through some price comparison.  Arno took the time to listen to what our needs were and was very responsive to my questions. At that point I just needed help sifting through the options, because everyone was selling the same stuff for the same price. Arno helped me reach the best decision for our family. We’re evaluating my life insurance plan next because I need someone like Arno in my corner.

Chris C. 

Arno was the only one of many agents or underwriters who actually bothered to meaningfully respond to my queries. That plus the several conversations I have had with him plus his service leads me to recommend him.

Drew S

Hey just to let you know I had to get a small surgery in Bali in my second to last day of my trip.  My surfboard fin cut me 5 cm wide and 7 cm deep.  I had to get surgery to clean the wound and stitch the muscle and skin.  The process was so easy.  I didn’t have to pay anything and there was no hassle.  Thanks for your recommendation.  I will continue to use travel insurance through you in the future and recommend friends to you.  I am totally fine and I had an epic trip.  It could’ve been a nightmare if I didn’t get this insurance from you.

Thanks Arno,
Drew S

Zatara Crew

Here’s what Keith and Renee had to say about getting international health insurance on their YouTube video.