Family Medical Travel Insurance

In our modern world we owe it to our kids and to ourselves to share in the cultures of the world. There is no greater gift than the gift of travel. When going abroad the focus should be on the culture you are immersed in, the joy of new sights and smells and the excitement of discovering new places. The last thing you should have to worry about while traveling with your family is if your health insurance will cover you in a far off land. We all know about health insurance, life insurance, homeowner’s insurance and more. No one can live in the modern world, it seems, without at least one insurance policy in their name. Why is that? Because family travel medical insurance is the simplest way to make sure that you and the ones that you love are protected from disaster. If you don’t have car insurance and your car is totaled, then you are out of a car and, unless you are extremely well off, this will be a hardship. Should your house get hit by a tree and the roof cave in, then homeowner’s insurance will save you from a great deal of strife. Insurance is an important thing to have. Very few people go abroad and think about getting family medical travel insurance or trip insurance until it is too late. Travel medical insurance is very easy to buy, can be purchased the very day that you leave for vacation and requires no underwriting at all.

About Family Trip Insurance?

So what is family travel medical insurance? It is really just what it sounds like. It is medical insurance for you and your family while traveling  abroad. Most insurance is not accepted outside of your home country, especially true if you not in the eurozone. Your home policy may say that you are covered, but good luck getting reimbursed. Travel medical insurance fills in this gap. Some have no frills, covering just basic emergencies when sick, others include more frills like lost or stolen luggage benefits, emergency trip home benefits, trip interruption coverage, political evacuation and even flying in a relative to care for the kids if you are laid up in the hospital.

Different Types

There are several different types of family medical insurance:
Single trip – you buy a policy for one trip. When that trip is over, so is your coverage.
Multi-trip – this policy will cover any trips taken during the year up to 70 days.
Annually renewable – you pay an annual fee just as you would with other types of insurance and are covered all year, typically taken by expats, peace corps volunteers and missionaries.

What to Consider

In order to decide which of the three types is right for you, you should consider how often you travel. If you travel more than two or three times per year, then buying single trip policies each time is probably not a great idea. However, if you travel very often then a multi-trip policy probably makes a great deal of sense for you and yours.

Benefits and Importance

You might wonder if there is really any need for travel insurance, which you hope you will never have to use, of course. You are not alone in wondering this. However, it is not a matter of planning on it or not. Most of us don’t plan on using our car insurance. In a perfect world, we would never have to. However, that is not the case. With that said, travel insurance can save you a great deal of heartache should you end up with a minor or major medical emergency in a foreign country, require a political evacuation or even just lose your luggage or passports. . It is certainly something worth considering and is especially helpful when traveling with a family.

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