How to Choose an Insurance Agent
best international health insurance

So many insurance agents and so many companies.
Why are we better?

The most important thing to know is that an insurance policy price is based on your age. This price is the same whether you buy from me or from another agent or from the originating insurance company.

So Why Buy From Me?

When you buy from an agent they can guide you to the policy that best suits your needs. Sometimes it’s from the biggest company, sometimes its from a company that has expertise in the region you’re going to. Sometimes it’s the company that has the best bargain. Sometimes it’s the company that has the most comprehensive benefits. There are different plans to fit different needs, only an experienced agent knows the plans and the companies and can help you find that match. 

US-passportWhen you buy from an agent you have someone on your side. While we work for the insurer we also work for you. If there is a problem we are there to call and sort it out for you, to reach out to our contacts, to try and resolve your issue. 

Sometimes a visa gets cancelled and you don’t get to go on your trip.  Maybe you need a letter for a foreign consulate to get a visa to travel. Perhaps you have a claims question or need to renew your policy from the middle of the ocean on a sailboat. These are all excellent reasons to have an agent ready to go to bat for you! 



best international health insuranceLet me worry about the details, you just worry about what to pack.