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Visiting Immigrants:

Medical care in the U.S.A. is world renowned, but so are the prices. If you are an immigrant living here on assignment, visiting America or residing here temporarily it can be hard to get insurance from a US carrier. A trip to the emergency room for any reason can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Get protection for you and your family with an international health insurance plan designed foreign nationals. All of these plans meet the requirements for your visa. If you have any questions, please contact us. Follow the links for claims information forMNUI, Seven Corners or IMG or visit our claims page.

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health is international inmigrantes
 Seven Corners  Insurance Planshealth-is-international-insurance-agents-seven-corners
inbound immigrant health insurance visiting medical insuranceInbound Immigrant by Seven Corners Medical protection specifically designed for immigrants to the United States:
Seven Corners offers an affordable and comprehensive medical insurance program for new or recent immigrants to the United States. It provides up to five years of protection. This policy is ideal for immigrants who are not covered by employer sponsored or government funded programs, self-employed, in-between jobs or retired. The program must become effective within 24 months of arrival in the United States. 

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inbound usa international health insurance for immigrantsInbound USA by Seven Corners
An affordable insurance option when you have parents visiting the United States or for international travelers. Inbound USA Insurance provides protection to citizens of any nation when traveling to the United States. 

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reside seven corners international health insurance for immigrantsReside by Seven Corners
Foreign Nationals who do not travel, but seek the security and flexibility of a worldwide insurance program administered in the United States. 

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health insurance coverage for visiting immigrants seven cornersReside Prime by Seven CornersForeign Nationals, either traveling often or permanently residing in their home country. In addition to being able to seek treatment anywhere, foreign insureds have the security of being insured by an “A” “Excellent” rated insurance company.


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 IMG  Insurance Plans health-is-international-insurance-agents-_0005_img-insurance
patriot travel insurance IMG GlobalPatriot Travel Medical Insurance by IMG Individual & Family (5 days up to 2 years coverage)
There are two Patriot Travel Medical Insurance products available to meet your needs, providing up to US$2,000,000 of medical coverage. Coverage can be obtained from a minimum of 5 days up to a maximum of 2 years. Patriot products address the overseas medical insurance needs of U.S. citizens and foreign nationals who need temporary medical insurance while traveling for business or pleasure anywhere outside their home country. Coverage includes medical evacuation, repatriation, and your choice of deductibles and policy limits. 

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global medical insurance for foreign nationalsGlobal Medical Insurance by IMG Individual & family (1 year or longer)
Global Medical Insurance is a long-term, annually renewable, U.S.-style major medical insurance plan. There are three plan options available: Silver, Gold and Platinum. The Silver and Gold plans provide US$5,000,000 of lifetime coverage, while the Platinum plan provides US$8,000,000 of lifetime coverage. Global Medical Insurance offers two areas of coverage to non-U.S. citizens and to U.S. expatriates who want a quality medical insurance plan that will respond to their medical needs anywhere in the world. The two areas of coverage are for people needing coverage worldwide or worldwide excluding U.S./Canada. 

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