Are you travelling internationally for business? Are you covered?

International Business Health Insurance for Corporate Travel

Travelling internationally for business?  You definitely need international health insurance.

As global business and trade increase, there are more and more opportunities for employees in international firms to have positions in other countries. In addition, many entrepreneurs are looking to position themselves in overseas markets to capitalize on growing markets and opportunities. Having an international Business health insurance plan in place is very important to protect your most precious asset, your health.

If you are you travelling overseas for your company or are sending employees abroad, the question you need to ask yourself is “what happens in a medical emergency?”  Do you and your employees have international medical and evacuation coverage overseas?  Most domestic insurance plans have very spotty coverage for emergencies in a foreign country.  If they do provide coverage it is only for in-hospital care, and won’t cover the cost of evacuation or repatriation.


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International business travelers sealing the deal

As a business traveler in a foreign country you want to make sure that you are adequately covered for a medical emergency, from a car accident on the way from the hotel to a heart attack or stroke that you might suffer. Even a simple fall can land you in the emergency room.  If your employer is sending you abroad it should be their responsibility to provide you with insurance coverage in the country where you are working.  If you are an employer sending employees abroad, at the very least want to cover your assets by insuring employees working overseas, even for a short business trip.




International health insurance is very affordable, it can cost as little as 50.00 for a 55 y/o business person on a 10 day trip.   A multi-trip plan, for trips up to 70 days and good all year is 220.00.  This is a great deal and provides excellent coverage. Both plans can cover travelers with pre-existing conditions.

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Or send me an email and let me help you find a plan that will suit your needs.