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Should Senior Citizens Get Travel Medical Insurance?  Absolutely

If you are looking at this page I imagine you have the trip of a lifetime planned out. Now perhaps you are worried that a medical emergency might occur on your trip. Travel medical insurance is a must for interanational travelers, but is even more important for seniors. Not only is a medical emergency more likely, but the costs associated with medical emergencies are higher now that you’re older. Repatriation is always covered, so your loved ones can rest assured you will come home, no matter what.

The number one question for Seniors is usually, will my pre-existing conditions be covered.  That depends a bit on what they are.  Ongoing pre-existing conditions, like the need for kidney dialysis, would never be covered.  But if you have had a heart attack or stroke before, and then have one again you would be covered. The best insurance for seniors is either the Geo-Blue Voyager or in states where that isn’t available, the HTH plan. Seven Corners Liaison Majestic has excellent benefits as well and you DON’T need to be a US Citizen or Legal Resident; it’s available to citizens of any country.

 GeoBlue  Insurance Plans health-is-international-insurance-agents-_0004_GeoBlue


Trekker from GeoBlue  is one of the highest quality products in the industry, with plans that work for travelers with and without domestic insurance plans. *You must be a US citizen or a legal resident of the USA to be elligible for this plan.

    • Choice of varying medical limits and deductibles
    • For trips up to 6 months for ages 84 or younger
  • Covers pre-existing conditions for medical services and medical evacuation
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TREKKER MULTI-TRIP  -the best deal for the frequent traveler

Here’s a secret you may not know. Buying the multi tirp plan, even for one trip per year may be CHEAPER than any other international health insurance.  This plan is designed for the senior that can’t help but spend their golden years seeing the world. GeoBlue Trekker Choice and Essential.

    • Up to $250,000 for sickness and accidents
    • $500,000 medical evacuation benefit
    • Hospital care, surgery, office visits, prescription drugs and more
    • Unlimited trips in a 12 month period (70 days max. per trip)
  • Covers pre-existing conditions for medical services and medical evacuation
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 Seven Corners  Insurance Plans health-is-international-insurance-agents-seven-corners

Liaison Majestic by Seven Corners

Up to $1,000,000 in Medical BenefitsEmergency Evacuation, Repatriation, and 24-Hour Assistance Services. The best coverage for pre-existing conditions in the industry.

    • Covered benefits include Political Evacuation and Terrorism
    • Underwritten by The Insurance Company of the State of Pennsylvania
  • Can be taken for as few as 5 days or renewed for up to 3 years
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