Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Trip Insurance

What is Travel Insurance

Why do I need a travel protection plan if I have credit cards that include travel insurance?
Travel insurance from credit cards is usually limited to coverage for car rental damage, flight accidents or for accidental death while you are traveling. Also, this protection is in effect only when you pay for travel with that particular credit card.

Most credit cards do not offer any coverage for travel medical expenses, evacuation costs, or trip cancellation expenses.

What is International Travel Medical Insurance? Why do I need it?
International travel medical insurance provides health insurance coverage for travelers outside their home country. This coverage includes emergency medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation, repatriation, return of dependent children, bedside lodging, accidental death, cost of return flight, and more.

While the regular domestic private insurance or government sponsored health insurance programs may offer comprehensive coverage in your home country, few are designed for international travelers or expatriates. Even programs that cover international travel often provide limited benefits that do not normally cover medically supervised emergency evacuation, emergency reunion, or repatriation.

Will the plans cover baggage loss and trip cancellation?
Yes most of our policies include baggage loss, trip cancellation, and emergency repatriation. The different reasons for which you may cancel depend on the policy you choose.

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How are the insurance companies rated?
The insurance companies are rated by an independent rating company A.M.Best rating. For all the plans, each insurance company’s A.M. Best rating is displayed.

What is the definition of a Pre-Existing Medical Condition?
Pre-existing condition refers to any injury, disease or illness occurring prior to and including the effective date of your insurance. In general these conditions are not covered, but some policies include a significant benefit for the “sudden onset of a pre-existing condition”. Such as a second heart attack in a person that had been in good health after a first heart attack.

What is the Pre-Existing Condition Period?
This is the number of days that the insurance company will “look back” from the day the insurance was purchased, to see if your claim is related to a pre-existing medical condition. This period can be as long as 10 years with most companies, or as short as 6 months with others. There are pre-existing travel medical insurance plans though. Follow the link to learn more.

What is a deductible?
A deductible is a way for the insurance company to reduce claims and your premium. If your plan has a $100 deductible, you pay the first $100 of expenses and then the insurance company picks up the rest/ The higher the deductible, the lower the cost and vice versa.

Can I purchase travel insurance for my friend, relative or employee online?
Yes, you can do this as long as you complete the application online.

When will my coverage become effective?
For Travel Medical, Multi-Trip Medical and Medical Evacuation Policies, coverage begins at 12:01AM the day of your departure. If purchased on, or after your departure date, coverage begins at 12:01AM the following day. For Flight Accident Policies, coverage becomes effective the day of your departure upon boarding your flight.

Can I purchase a Flight Accident Policy if I have already departed on my trip?
Only Travelex Flight Plus can be purchased on the day of departure as long as you have not left for your trip. Other company policies cannot be purchased if you have already departed on your trip.

Is there trip insurance available to cover cancellation of a trip due to the death of a close family member – even when the family member is not traveling on the particular trip?
Yes, most of our package policies provide coverage for trip cancellation due to a non-traveling family member’s death or illness requiring you to stay home.

I did not go through a travel agency, and did the travel bookings on my own. Can I insure my trip?
Yes, all of our policies can be used by people making their own travel arrangements. The policies will cover the pre-paid, non-refundable travel arrangements that you have made.

What is the latest date I can purchase travel insurance?
You can purchase a policy up to the day before you travel. However we recommend that you purchase the insurance as soon as possible. Purchasing early will prevent situations where something can happen before you buy your insurance which will not be covered.

When is the best time to purchase travel insurance?
To receive the most benefit from the travel policy you must purchase the insurance within 7 to 21 days (varies by company and plan) of making your initial trip payment. If the insurance is purchased within the 7 – 21 day period may you receive two significant enhancements (varies by company and plan) to the policy.

Protection against the financial default of a tour operator, airline or cruise line.
The pre-existing medical condition exclusion is usually waived.

Please note that most companies count the day you make the first trip payment as day one and not the day when the check is cashed.

I booked part of my vacation, but not the flight. I would like to purchase travel insurance within the pre-existing condition exclusion waiver period. Do I have to wait until the flight is booked?

You can certainly purchase the travel insurance right away. You should however include the cost of your airline tickets in the trip cost. If you can find out what the price of the tickets will be before purchasing them, you can include that amount in the total trip cost. If not, an estimate will have to do. Otherwise, buy the policy now with the costs expended to date and contact us at arno@healthisinternational.com when you make your other arrangements and we will have the policy corrected to reflect the change. If there is any additional premium as a result of the change, it will be charged at that time. Be sure you do this within the 7 – 21 day purchase requirement (depends on company) in order to comply with the pre-existing condition waiver requirements.

What if I take medication for high blood pressure, for example? Would this be considered a Pre-Existing Medical Condition?
If your medication is controlled and you see a Doctor for routine checkups, this would not be considered a pre-existing condition. It would only be considered a pre-existing condition if your Doctor altered your medication, had a test done, requested that a test be done, or changed your diagnosis.