International Travel With Young Children?

Without a doubt our two most memorable experiences with our kids were a 4 week car trip through Europe and a three week adventure in Belize.  But traveling with kids is tough. Still, we’ve managed to keep traveling without resorting to, um, resorts. The key to being intrepid with small children is being willing to go […]

Your Guide for Traveling During Pregnancy

Being pregnant, is an exciting point in any woman’s life in which she will experience many changes physically and mentally. However, with all these changes, many women wonder if it is ok traveling while pregnant. This guide will provide tips and advice for soon to be mothers, whether traveling by land, air or sea. Can […]

Family Medical Travel Insurance

In our modern world we owe it to our kids and to ourselves to share in the cultures of the world. There is no greater gift than the gift of travel. When going abroad the focus should be on the culture you are immersed in, the joy of new sights and smells and the excitement […]