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International Health Insurance for Cruisers

I’ve been in business since 2005, and helping cruisers keep cruising is what I do best, with over 75% of my long term clients as cruisers and sailors. From being a 2 time sponsor of the Baja HaHa to insurance seminars at Downwind marine in San Diego and the Pacific Sail and Power boat show in Oakland. I’m always up for hearing about your upcoming adventures and helping you find an insurance plan for your adventure.

The decision to get or not get insurance is different for everyone, people have different levels of risk that they are willing to accept. Many people decide that having something in case of a catastrophe is common sense. Here is what Keith and Renee from sailing Zatara had to say about getting insurance (WATCH VIDEO).

What is it?
Long term, annually renewable, international insurance is similar to US style private insurance that many of you are familiar with. Policies are a year period, have a variable deductible that you choose and must be met each year. Most do not cover pre-existing conditions. Most require underwriting and alll can be purchased with or without coverage in different parts of the world, the most common countries to exclude include the USA; excluding the USA drops the price significantly.

Who’s it for?
Long term, annually renewable, international insurance is for sailors and cruisers living aboard their vessels outside of the US for at least 3 months of the year. These plans are designed for cruisers who are on voyages of more than one year, typically more than 2. Going for a short time, see below.

No one needs insurance, till they do. Get insured Today!

Going on a cruise in these uncertain times?

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Are you a Maritime Professional?

Which includes: Professional captains & paid crew as well as anyone who makes money sailing or with a power yacht.

If this describes you, then you'll want to see these great plans for Maritime professionals

Are you Cruising Full Time?

If this category fits you, then each time you cruise without insurance is that much closer to a situation you do not want to be in.
View our cruiser plans that have been carefully design for individuals like you.

Did you know that in the USA, Professional crew on cruise ships are now required to carry disability insurance. Come check out our disability insurance page and see how we can help, no matter where in the world your ship takes you!

Travel Medical Insurance

Short International Trips, Taking on Crew or Joining a Rally where they require insurance? 

These plans are for you!

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