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Safe travel is knowing you’re protected with proper coverage for you and your entire family.

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When you understand exactly what benefits you’re getting, it makes it a bit less painful. Many of the international travel insurance products can be very confusing. We can help you navigate the confusing terms and jargon, giving you an education about the products that are available to get you the insurance you need.

Coverage Areas

Annual Medical Insurance

Exchange student health insurance is used by students leaving their home country to study abroad

Medical Evacuation Insurance

Medical evacuation insurance coordinates evacuations and evacuates people to the best medical care available.

Marine Health Insurance

Recreational cruisers as well as professional mariners and crew often find it difficult to find insurance that will fit their needs.

Missionary Insurance

Church groups going abroad, or parents allowing their children to travel abroad with a church group should always make sure that they have international medical insurance

Exchange Student Inusrance

Exchange student health insurance is used by students leaving their home country to study abroad.

Short Term Medical Insurance

Individuals, families and business people travelling outside of their home conutry have limited to no insurance protection once outside of their home country.


What happens when you have saved up for a year or more to go on an expensive family vacation or cruise only to not be able to go because of a family emergency.

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There are so many reasons for travel insurance and many choices for plans. Let us help you decide on a plan that fits your needs and budget.

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