Insurance for Missionaries working abroad
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Missionary Health Insurance

 Cigna Insurance Planshealth-is-international-insurance-agents-_0003_cigna

Missionary Health Insurance from Cigna Global

As a world leader in international insurance and an unparalleled network of providers Cigna Global is an excellent choice for career missionaries to provide you with missionary health insurance. While not specifically geared towards missionaries like other plans, it really offers the best benefits for the money, as well as being highly customizable depending on your location and the cost of medical care in the area you will be serving. It allows US citizens to come back to the US and have up to 3 months coverage and gives the flexibility to be anywhere in the world.

The Core International Medical Insurance plans gives you and your family cover for essential hospital stays and treatment, cancer and psychiatric care . Maternity cover is also included in our Gold and Platinum plans.

The core plans can then be supplemented with a range of optional benefits which include International Outpatient, designed to cover outpatient treatment and prescriptions. Cigna Global Health Options also offer International Medical Evacuation, International Vision & Dental and International Health & Well being – optional benefits that can be added to your core plan.

The Cigna plan then allows you to add only the extra benefits you need. If you are in a country where medical care is cheap, don’t add outpatient coverage, if somewhere more expensive then you can add it. This helps you keep your costs down and allows you flexibility to get only the coverage you need.

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 GeoBlue  Insurance Planshealth-is-international-insurance-agents-_0004_GeoBlue

Missionary Health Insurance plans from GeoBlue

Geoblue offers top of the line health plans in partnership with blue cross.  They have an ample provider network, excellent access to physicians inside the US when you are home for visits and excellent service worldwide. They are the top of the line insurance provider in missionary insurance.

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 Seven Corners  Insurance Planshealth-is-international-insurance-agents-seven-corners

Missionary Health insurance plans from Seven Corners

Seven Corners has been offering various travel medical insurance plans to thousands of missionaries for over 16 years. This experience providing medical and evacuation coverage is unmatched in the industry, insuring many NGO’s all over the globe, including the peace corps, as well as many mission groups. While not selling a plan directly as a “missionary plan” their international plans, both long term and short term are excellent and within the budget of churches and missionaries. Use the selector below to find the plan that best fits your needs.

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Plans for Career Missionaries and Volunteers

Portable, seamless health insurance coverage with unlimited furlough benefits for long-term assignments; supplemental short-term coverage available.