Health Insurance

Maritime Health Insurance for Professionals

Professional Captains, officers and crew have unique needs when it comes to health insurance that aren’t met by other plans. Your jobs take you around the world and back again. You deserve health insurance that is globally mobile and won’t tether you to a doctor in your home port. In addition, as a boat owner providing health insurance for your workers can help for variety of reasons.


Benefits of Having Maritime Employers Insurance

  • Keep and retain crew by offering maritime health insurance
  • Equipment insurance protects your assets proactively.
  • Have insurance that is truly global as you move around.
  • Reward good service

Several competitive companies described below can meet your health insurance needs.

What is Maritime Health Insurance

What is maritime health insurance and what does it cover? International, annually renewable, long term insurance. These insurance plans offer access to both routine and emergency medical care anywhere in the world. Some plans include US coverage by default, other plans offer the chance to exclude some countries to reduce the premium cost. All plans offer a range of deductibles, evacuation and repatriation. Plans are renewable each year and work very similar to a standard US insurance policy.


Who is it for? Professional captains, officers and crew and their families, who are living on their boats and who are or who intend to make their living on the sea. This could include a sailing couple with a captain’s license starting a charter business, the captain of a private yacht or the crew on any yacht. Some plans ask for the name of the vessel, others do not.

As an owner or captain of a vessel there are some good reasons to carry health insurance.

  • Keep and retain crew
  • protect your assets proactively
  • Have insurance that is truly global
  • Reward good service

Choose An Insurance Plan

Geoblue Navigator

GeoBlue Navigator has some of the best customer service, fast claims turn around time, up to 9 months in the USA, any doctor outside the US and the blue cross/blue shield network inside the US. Excellent online tools for booking appointments or finding doctors in a foreign port. To find out more about navigator click the link below, check it out, get a quote or even enroll.

Global Crew

IMG is another company that has made a name for itself insuring the captains and crews of the world. They are the best option for the budget minded, and also have a variety of different plans to meet different needs.

IMG Crew Select

This quote will provide you with individuals plans under the IMG umbrella. Similar to the international medical group option, this option is best for those travelling on a budget.

International Medical Group

Global rescue is the only evacuation back to your home country and will take you from any hospital to any hospital of your choice, once stable. In addition, they will send in a triage team to get you to the nearest hospital. This is the only plan that will evacuate you off of your sailboat in a medical emergency AND with the security option, could evacuate you off of a disabled sailboat in the middle of the ocean.

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