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Plans for Cruisers, Sailors and  Crew

Sailboat in the bay

Voyaging under power or sail to far away lands offers it’s own unique challenges, getting good health and evacuation coverage shouldn’t be one of them.

Thinking about how you will cover medical expenses shouldn’t be one of the things you  worry about. It is important to carry a policy that will cover you and your crew wherever you go. The main difference between sailor insurance policies and the standard international travel medical insurance policies is that they can accommodate a changing captain or crew on a vessel that may take on crew to deal with long ocean passages. There are also group policies designed for larger crewed yachts, fishing vessels and cruise ships or the individual crew members who work on these ships. A couple or family living on a boat can also qualify for these insurance plans.

GeoBlue Navigator -the best of the best


GeoBlue Navigator is the best plan in the industry for both a couple on their yacht or full time professional yacht or cruise ship crew.  It has the most ample benefits, will waive waiting periods with evidence of pre-existing conditions and will give you the best coverage if you find yourself in the USA for longer than you had planned.  It isn’t the most economical plan, but it is the best. It is also available to non-US citizens, unlike the other Geo-Blue Plans

Top 10 Advantages over Competing Plans

1. Provides an unlimited annual and lifetime maximum.
2. No limit on time spent in or out of the U.S.*
3. Deductible is waived for outpatient office visits with participating physicians.
4. Alcohol or terrorist related injuries are covered.
5. The pre-existing condition exclusion can be reduced or waived with proof of prior creditable insurance.
6. No waiting periods associated with any preventive services.
7. Sailboat racing covered to plan maximum.
8. No pre-certification required.
9. Our providers bill GeoBlue directly, which eliminates paperwork hassles.
10. The strength of the Blue brand. GeoBlue is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.
* Please Note: Eligible Members returning to their home country are covered for a maximum of 9 months.

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GeoBlue Xplorer -no US benefits

While not designed as a “sailing or crew” plan, it allows you to drop the US benefits. Insurance in the USA is expensive, dropping those US benefits can save you some money, or if you already have medicare then you know you don’t need to pay for US benefits, you already have them. This plan will also work if you sail somewhere amazing and decide to move off your boat, but want to keep your US benefits.

The best benefits in the industry and the option to chose US coverage -premier or no US coverage -xplorer delivers the best plan on the globe.  Two plans to choose from, the Xplorer, without benefits in the US and the Xplorer Premier, with unlimited coverage in the USA. *Coverage on both of these plans is limited to US Citizens and Legal Residents.


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 IMG  -Great Insurance at a great price health-is-international-insurance-agents-_0005_img-insurance

IMG offers a variety of plans for mariners, both captains and crew as well as cruisers.  They also offer group coverage for a captain and his crew anywhere in the world. Something not offered by the competition.

Global Crew Medical Insurance


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Crew Select International Insurance


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Group Coverage Insurance


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Crew Select Insurance


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Reside Blue Worldwide Insurance provides a medical program for professional mariners and recreational cruisers throughout the world. Regardless of the type of vessel, Mariners require coverage that provides security, flexibility and benefits unique to the demands of today’s MarineIndustry. The best value for your money! 6 mos. in the USA/CANADA(max) and 6 mos. out. No other plan gives you the flexibility to summer in the USA and Cruise the tropics in the winter.


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Did you know that in the USA, Professional crew on cruise ships are now required to carry disability insurance. Come check out our disability insurance page and see how we can help, no matter where in the world your ship takes you! Click here to view options for disability insurance. We have a couple of great carriers that will cover you on your international adventures.



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