International Health Insurance for Cruisers

If you are cruising full time, you need a plan that will protect you world wide.  All of these companies offer plans that will cover you in any corner of the world.  Many countries are now requiring insurance in order to get a visa. Any of these plans will fulfill that requriement.
If you’re a US citizen, cancelling your US policy and taking an international policy can give you insurance when you’re home and cover you abroad. While most have limits on how much time you can be in the US, there is different flexibility in the carriers.
The following options are listed in order from most expensive to least expensive. I only list companies with which my clients have had good customer service experiences. If they have denied claims or been difficult to work with or raised rates too much, I have removed them from the list.



The best benefits in the industry and the option to chose US coverage -premier or no US coverage -xplorer delivers the best plan on the globe.  Two plans to choose from, the
Xplorer, without benefits in the US and the Xplorer Premier, with unlimited coverage in the USA. *Coverage on both of these plans is limited to US Citizens and Legal Residents.

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Cigna Expat Health Insurance


Flexible plans with most component separated out, Outpatient, Inpatient, Evacuation, Dental/Vision, Wellness and US coverage are all separate so you don’t need to pay for benefits that you don’t need.

The Cigna plan then allows you to add only the extra benefits you need. If you are in a country where medical care is cheap, don’t add outpatient coverage, if somewhere more expensive then you can add it. This helps you keep your costs down and allows you the flexibility to get only the coverage you need.  US coverage of 180 days is a bargain for US citizens, but very expensive for Non- US citizens. Offers up to a 10,000 deductible and cost sharing options to bring down the price.

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IMG’s plan is a great annually renewable plan that is well known all over the place.  They have been in business for a while and many people have had great luck with them. Their customer service is good and their coverage is good as well.  Platinum plan will cover pre-existing conditions, if you’re approved for the plan. Their underwriting is not the easiest.  There are three plan options available: Silver, Gold and Platinum.

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VUMI is new to the expat market, but has been writing plans in Latin america for quite a while.  They have excellent customer service, and while at a bargain price, they don’t have bargain benefits, they are as robust as the others.  Three plans to choose from Bronze, Gold and Platinum

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