Evacuation and Air Ambulance Insurance

Medical Evacuation Insurance can give you peace of mind

Some good friends of ours were on the island of Hawaii on vacation. Our friend had a heart attack, he was air lifted to Honolulu general. None of the costs for his evacuation were covered by their insurance. They had good insurance. Their bill was over $20,000.00 for the air ambulance. If they had purchased a medical evacuation insurance plan like Global Rescue it would have been covered. You can be in the USA on vacation or on business or in the far flung reaches of the globe, evacuation insurance will get you to the medical care you deserve, be it near where your accident took place or back home with your favorite doctor and near loved ones.

Sky Rescue is similar, but adds on some scheduled medical benefits. It can be taken for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. I would recommend it to the adventure enthusiast that is looking for a budget plan that will cover an evacuation. It does not cover any in-country evacuations, but it is available to anyone in the world.

Medical Evacuation Insurance and Ambulance Insurance
Available Insurance Plans

Travel MedEvac

Travel MedEvac is the most affordable evacuation plan on the market.  With plans by the day starting at 4.00 USD, plans for trips of any length, 6 month plans and year plans, as well as a “Mexico Only” special for the many expats living just across the border.  This is my number one seller for Mexico expats and when you get a quote you will see why.  It will take you from any hospital where you are admitted to any hospital of your choice, when medically necessary.

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Global Rescue

Global Rescue is a comprehensive evacuation and rescue plan that provides benefits far beyond what is typically found in many evacuation plans. Global rescue can send in emergency field medical professionals to the site of an accident or potential evacuation, triage and evacuate a client and get them home to a hospital in the USA. They can also evacuate for a variety of security concerns with the security evacuation upgrade. They also have a team of medical experts at major hospitals in the USA that can provide expert consultation by phone to assess a situation and provide medical advice.

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Medjet Assist 

Medjet Assist is a membership plan that gets you from a hospital in timbuktu to the hospital in your home town by air ambulance for one low annual fee.

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