disability insurance
Disability Income Insurance

Personal High Limit Disability Insurance

The Executive 400 Disability Plan was designed for the white collar market and has issue limits of $100,000 per month or more with participation limits up to 75% for personal disability and 100% for business uses.

This plan may be used as:
•    Primary Coverage
•    Excess / Supplemental Coverage
•    Special Risk Coverage
•    Domestic Coverage
•    International Coverage


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Buy Sell Insurance

For a company, the sudden disability of a partner can be more detrimental than his or her death. In some cases the healthy partner is burdened by the disabled partner. The disabled owner, not able to productively contribute any longer (but now on sidelines with lots of time on his hands), constantly raises concerns about how the company is being managed and suggests changes. In this case the disabled is still earning a salary but not contributing positively to the company and it would be in the company’s best interest for the healthy partner or partners to buy out their disabled partner.

Prescribing adequate amounts of Disability Buy-Sell Insurance is a perfect solution to this problem, and an effective way to save the company from financial distress.


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Buy Sell Plus Disability Insurance

Our newly designed Buy/Sell PLUS plan offers the solution to the worry of loss while waiting for a buy/sell plan to go into effect by providing a key person disability monthly benefit of up to $50,000 to the firm following a standard 90 day elimination period. This benefit can compensate for the business’s cash flow deficiency and can be used in any way the firm sees fit. The term of the key person portion of the policy is dependent upon the length of the buy/sell elimination period, thus the key person benefit ends when the buy/sell benefit becomes payable.


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Designed as both a group and a multi life approach to this problem; both plans offer premium discounts and underwriting concessions. In participation with another disability insurance plan already in place, this plan can insure a person for up to 75% of their income and has issue limits of $100,000 per month or more! We understand that not all people and certainly not all groups are the same; therefore, if your client’s group has special needs, PIU will design a custom group insurance plan to cover the


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High Limit Accident Insurance -from Petersons Intl.

Petersen International Underwriters’ High Limit Accident Plan will cover an individual or a group 24/7 with issue limits from $100,000 to $100 million in the case of an accidental death or dismemberment. This high limit plan can also be tailored to insure you against specific risks such as war and terrorism (even in war zones), aviation, common carrier transportation, motor racing, and mountain climbing, to name a few.


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