How Much Does Travel Insurance Cost and Is It Really Worth It?

Wanderlust varies from person to person, but it’s safe to say that if you’re reading this article then you’ve been searching travel sites lately for your next trip and are wondering if you should get travelers health insurance, trip insurance or evacuation insurance. In short. Yes. Why? Because things go wrong. Not that we want […]

Expatriate and Exchange Student Travel Requires Special Insurance

Travel health insurance for those who stay outside the USA for a lengthy period of time can be a complicated matter. But it doesn’t have to be. Expatriates and foreign exchange students face a different set of criteria in their search for a plan than do a honeymooning couple hitting Tahiti for 10 days. If […]

Humorous International Travel Tips for the Family

10 International Travel Tips for Families that You Might Actually Read There are lots of tips out there to help you travel with your kids.  These tips here—they’re a little better than the rest. You might even enjoy reading these international travel tips!  And maybe, just maybe, you will try some of them out—especially number […]

Dear Canadians, Please Read This.

Canadians visiting the USA need international insurance, as do others visiting the USA. Read on to discover more in this great article by the CBC of some horror stories of Canadians who came across the border, some only to shop in the USA without international insurance and ended up owing more than an arm and […]

Ecuador Expat Health Insurance

Ecuador Expat Health Insurance Law -here is some important health insurance information for expats moving to Ecuador in order to get your visa. If you’re thinking of moving to Ecuador there is a new law that has gone into effect that requires you to have health insurance to get get a visa. I found this […]

Trip Insurance – Why Bother?

Do I buy Trip Insurance or Travel Medical? One of the most frequent questions I get is “should I buy Trip Insurance or travel medical insurance“?  Right now it is booking season for all of those amazing trips you are going to take over the summer.  Some of us will by tickets to a far […]

20 Things To Do Before Moving Abroad

20 Practical Things to do Before Moving Abroad Many people have talked about moving abroad, to have an adventure, live, retire or raise their families. Travel is a great way to grow our minds and learn about both other cultures and ourselves. It is a well known fact that travel broadens the mind and the […]

Tips for Traveling with a Bedwetter

Tips for Traveling with a Bedwetter Modified from the tips at the bedwetting store Traveling with children is a wonderful experience as we work to expand our children’s minds and provide them with new experiences.  Traveling with children can also be stressful, especially if one of them is a bedwetter.  If one or more of […]

Tips for International Travel

International travel checklist A trip requires careful planning.  Here are some important steps to prepare for a safe trip outside the United States.  These tips come from the department of state’s travel website. Traveler’s Checklist Get Informed Read up on your destination at Learn about visa requirements, local laws, customs, and medical care in the […]

15 Top Travel Destinations

Peggy Goldman wrote this great blog article of the top 2015 travel destinations. Now 2016 is almost over, did you get a chance to visit any of these? If not, there is still time as the winter holidays approach. Enjoy reading about these great locations as Peggy first reported in her blog on the Huntington […]