Insurance for cruisers and sailors:

Voyaging under power or sail to far away lands offers it’s own unique challenges. Thinking about how you will cover medical expenses shouldn’t be one of the things you have to worry about. It is important to carry a marine captains insurance policy that will cover you and your crew wherever you go. The main difference between these policies and the standard international policies is that they can accomodate a changing captain or crew on a vessel that may take on crew to deal with long ocean pasages. There are also group policies designed for larger crewed yachts, fishing vessels and cruise ships or the individual crew members who work on these ships.

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Reside Blue Worldwide Insurance provides a medical program for professional mariners and recreational cruisersthroughout the world. Regardless of the type of vessel, Mariners require coverage that provides security, flexibility and benefits unique to the demands of today’s MarineIndustry. The best value for your money! 6 mos. in the USA/CANADA(max) and 6 mos. out. No other plan gives you the flexibility to summer in the USA and Cruise the tropics in the winter.Get A Quote
Find out more about this planPiracy on the high seas is a real threat to the modern cruiser.Click here to learn more about Kidnap and Ransom Insurance.
Plans for cruisers and mariners. With out a doubt the best benefits in the industry, Blue cross, in partnership with BUPA and HTH delivers the best plan on the globe.. Two plans to choose from, the Xplorer, which will give you unlimited benefits in the USA and the Xplorer Premier, with unlimited coverage in the USA.Coverage Limited to US Citizens and Legal Residents.

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Plans for Professional Crew Members

Crew Health Insurance 101

Portable, seamless health insurance coverage with:

  • Better Benefits
  • Better Services
  • Better Protection

Not all international health plans are created equal. Become an educated consumer and understand the critical differences. The BEST benefits in the industry. No limits in the USA. An admitted US insurer. Can provide creditable coverage once you move back onto land. Coverage limited to US Citizens and Legal Residents.

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