Expat health insurance in China -they wish they had bought it

Accident in Beijing -They should have had expat health insurance 


Living and working in China is an exciting adventure. Many young people and entrepeneurs are heading overseas to take advantage of economic advantages, learn a language and a culture and maybe even meet someone special while travelling.  

Alex. W, 24, had recently finished college and was living with his girlfriend, teaching English in China and having a grand adventure for sure.  His facebook posts showed him enjoying exciting restaurants and eating exotic food. During his weekends Alex and Alissa were seeing the sights of china and exploring the sights, food and cultre to its fullest.  

motorcycleAll of that changed on February 23rd when Alex and Alissa were riding on his motorcycle through the streets of Beijing and were struck by a car turning right, as they went straight through the light.  The motorcycle went down, the car smashing into it: glass, metal, and blood.  Of the pair, Alex was the lucky one, he walked away without major injury, his head protected by a helmet, his legs protected by his pants.  He was bruised and shaken, had some bad road rash, but other than that he was fine.  

Alissa wasn’t so lucky, she was ok, but was badly hurt. Riding on the back of the bike, she had taken a direct hit to her left leg from the car and her leg was shattered in multiple places.  She lay in pain on the asphalt, blood oozing out of her bad road rash, lying in pain as she waited for the ambulance.  

同仁医院_(Beijing_Tongren_Hospital)_-_panoramioBoth of them were taken to a local hospital to get checked out.  Alissa was in bad shape and required several expensive surgeries to put her leg back together. Neither of these young adults had even considered getting international health insurance for their stay in China.  As a friend of Alex’s mother I had suggested it to Mrs. W, but she hadn’t shown any interest and saw it as an unnecessary expense. She said to me, “Oh, he’s still covered on my insurance until he’s 26”. I replied that while that was true for medical care here, if there was an accident abroad it would be very difficult to make a claim and get reimbursed. She still wasn’t interested.  Alissa had substantial medical bills, that while of course less expensive than they would have been in the US, still amounted to thousands of dollars that she had to pay out of pocket.  She received excellent care at the private hospital but it really put a damper on her adventure in china, and while now Alissa is almost fully recovered it was an eye opening experience for sure that could have been made a lot less expensive if they had taken out some international health insurance for their adventure.  

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